About Me

Hi, I Am Wavy Hair Girl

I have started my hair journey just before covid hit. I was in still school, and since we were sent to home schooling, i suddenly had a lot of time to really study and test the subject of hair.

All my local hair dressers used to tell me my hair is dry and damaged (it was just wavy hair that was brushed out daily and treated like straight hair.) From then i didnt let a single professional touch my hair.

Ever since then I’ve been testing, trying, failing and doing new things to see what actually works.

Why Did I Create This Blog?

The reason I created this blog is to share my knowelge, as well as to test different products and to give yall helpful tips and feedbacks. No matter how good a product is said to be by professionals, if there isn’t a consumer to test it an confirm that it really is good. Or not good.

There is soo much information about curly hair and straight hair out there, But wavy? Not so much. It kind of falls in the middle of the two, and gets ignored by most people. Curly haired people tell me my hair is straight. Straight haired say it’s curly. But it’s neither of the two, and it needs to be treated diffeerently as well. And I know what works and what doesn’t.

Im here to tell yall everything I have learned through my experience.

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